"Camping Pitches in Tarragona - Open All Year Round"

60m from the beach🌴⛺

Campsite Pitch

1 day to 2 months maximum


●  Tent, caravan, motorhome, van...

●  You can bring a portable charcoal barbecue.

●  Tourist tax (€0.66 per night) for people 16 years of age or older for the first 7 nights.

●  Check-in: 3:00 p.m.

●  Check-out: 3:00 p.m.

●  You can bring a charcoal barbecue

●  Manual car wash

●  3 Sanitary blocks

●  24 hour surveillance

●  Beach 60m away, you can walk

●  Parking next to the plot

●  220V electrical connection

●  Shaded plots thanks to the large number of trees

●  Accepted animals.

Prices camping 2023 Tarragona Spain

Seasonal Pitch 🌷🌞


Spring Summer 2024

From 1 March to 30 September

Open: Monday to Sunday.


Price list

€2.750  = 2 persons Normal Plot

2.965  = 2 people Special Large Pitch

 For each child + €50

 Children under 3 years free



● Extra person + €200.

● Son-in-law/daughter-in-law + 85.

● Extra car + 200.

● Pet + 50.



 Free 30 min

● More than 30min Current Tariff



 Optional: 0.30 per KWh

● May vary according to market price

 Spent at the end of each season


Method of payment

Up to 4 instalments 🥰


Prompt payment discounts

● 25/01 = 100€

● 01/02 = 80€

● 08/02 = 65€

● 15/02 = 50€

● 22/02 = 35€

● 01/03 = 20€

Seasonal Pitch 🍂❄️


Autumn Winter 2024-2025

From 1 October to 28 February

Open: Friday to Sunday, long weekends, public holidays and the eve of public holidays.

Approximate price = 950

Annual Season 🏕️
Fixed pitches

Cannot be used as a permanent residence

● Start any month you want

● Payment in instalments and early payment discount

● We have 300 permanent families all year round

● Cannot be used as a permanent residence

● Friendships, activities, competitions

● Full annual season.

● Pitches for rent all year round

● Tents, caravans, motorhomes...

● Electric hook-up, sink

● You can bring charcoal barbecue

● Manual car wash

● 3 sanitary blocks

● 24h surveillance

● Beach 60 m away, within walking distance

● Parking next to the plot.

Map of camping pitches at Arc de Bará - Tarragona campsite

🏊 Open Pool

● Adult and children  Pool hours


👶 Children under 3 years

● Children under 3 years old do not pay (Free).


🐕 We accept pets

 ● Pets  Regulations


😊 Open all year round

Camping in the province of Tarragona open all year on the Costa Dorada.

We are one of the few campsites in Catalonia that have continued to provide the real essence of a campsite for more than 50 years; value, friendship, affection, companionship. This approach, as well as factors such as transparency and honesty in dealing with customers, are the basis of the appreciated quality of our campsite.


👪 Our campers

Mostly year-round visitors who come to disconnect with their families. They like to walk along the beach, have barbecues, go cycling, relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, hold meetings, go on excursions. They like activities and socialising with friends at the campsite.


❤️ Did you know that?

A recent study found that 98.3% of parents say that their children feel free and appreciate being in contact with nature and friends, improve their ability and motivation to study, and there is greater family integration and harmony.


93.5% of the parents feel disconnected from work and face the start of the week with more energy. According to 87.2%, they prioritise coming to the campsite because of the improvements it brings them on an emotional level and general happiness.

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